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Heat of the Beat - Press Kit

Snowfair Films    (logo)


1914 Stanley Ave

Signal Hill, Ca





For More Information    (use producers info)

Jordan Michael


714 906 4236



To be released on xx/xx/xx


Heat of the Beat



Unorthodox? Maybe…

Drunk? Sometimes…

Definately a ‘shoot first and ask questions if you remember to’ kinda cop show.


Being a detective is hard when the fuzz is hot on your trail…

Remember the 90’s? When cops could just kind of blow stuff up and strong arm goons and get away with it? Well idiot-savant super-cops Tibbs and Schumaker are living the dream! Too bad it’s 2017 and reckless gunslingers get shot a lot… and alcoholic homicide detectives don’t really make good dads… and no one likes 90’s white-boy hip hop anymore…

Well, at least they get to blow stuff up and catch bad guys. That was always the dream, wasn’t it? It just really sucks that they have to work with the Cops. Yeah, being a detective is cool, but ’cop’ Cops can suck a dick…

But you know what makes all of it better? Doing cool cop shit.


Notable cast members include the wryly nonchalant Corin Nemek (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose), the iron-eyed Will Morales (Rough Writers), and the 90’s bad-boy Jordan C. Michael (Motorama, Full House)

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